Elemental Herbology

We are delighted to introduce Elemental Herbology to our award-winning Spa at The Marker. The Elemental Herbology philosophy is based on the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a belief that everything in life needs to work in harmony in order to achieve perfect equilibrium. 

The products are 100% free from synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, SLS, paraben preservatives and mineral oils to ensure your skin is cared for from the inside out.

Immerse yourself in the Elemental way, with one of our many Elemental Herbology treatments. Unravel tension and sore muscles with our Ho-Leaf and Rosemary Muscle Melt massage which incorporates hot stone and a warm herbal steam towel. For something a little different, try the Thai Qi Flow which uses herbal compresses and acupressure techniques to help balance body and mind. If you're looking for the ultimate escape, The Marker Dream package was curated exclusively for us by Elemental Herbology and comprises of a luxurious coconut and herbal steam exfoliation, a heavenly back massage using the "tree of life" balm, a customised facial, finishing off with a foot ritual using a refreshing circulation serum to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate tired aching feet. View our full treatment menu.

To Book 

For your Elemental Herbology consultation, call our spa team on 01-6875194 or email spa@themarker.ie.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements found in Traditional Chinese Medicine each represent characteristics that are in all of us - Earth, Water, Metal, Fire, Wood. The elements are affected by many different factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress levels, routine and seasons to name a few. This means that you are not bound to one element. Just as your diet and clothes change with the different seasons, so will your skincare requirements. The skin is our largest organ and reflects any imbalance internally as well as external factors such as the weather and pollution. Elemental Herbology’s natural facial skincare ranges are designed around the five elements, expertly developed to provide the ultimate nutrition for your skin and address any areas of concern such as fine lines or breakouts.


Aligned to late Summer, the element of transformation and harmony. The Radiance & Vitality range will transform dull skin to reveal a brighter complexion and boost natural radiance. Suitable for all skin types. Empower with Earth - Hit the reset button to balance and centre the mind with Earth Balance. Those who are always giving to others and never take time for themselves will love this calming oil to restore their equilibrium. 


Aligned to Winter, a time to nurture, support, turn inward and be calm. Skin in this element tends to be dry and dehydrated. The Moisture Replenish range will provide extra moisture and nourishment. The Sensitive range will be suitable if you have sensitive skin that needs to be soothed and calmed. Be worry-free with Water - Pressures from everyday life can leave you stressed, worried and unable to sleep. The comforting properties of Water Soothe will nurture, emotionally strengthen and deeply relax for a calm mind and a good night’s sleep.


Aligned to Autumn, a wonderful time to harvest and boost reserves. Age Support is for those in need of extra nourishment for the skin and to target the physiological signs of ageing. Metal to help mellow - You’re organised, structured and have everything planned far in advance. Metal Detox will help you declutter your thoughts, purify a tired body and mind while helping to eliminate toxins.         


Aligned to Summer, symbolising the outward movement, warmth and maximum energy. Skin in this element may be oil-prone and congested, the anti-bacterial formulations in the Oil Control range will help purify and calm skin. Fuel up with Fire - Always feeling tired and drained? Fire Zest will revitalise your whole body and increase energy levels throughout the day.         


Aligned to Spring, germination, growth and change. Skin in this element tends to be normal to combination skin. The Balance range will help balance oily areas whilst replenishing moisture levels. The workaholic needs Wood - Always on the go and have an active lifestyle? Your tired and aching muscles need Wood Rejuvenation Bath & Body Oil to relieve aches and pains and refresh the mind so you’re ready for the gym the next day!

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