Strawberry Fool with Almond Tuilles


This recipe will serve four people

For the chantilly cream

For the compote

For the almond tuille


To make the tuille - whip the egg whites to soft peak with the icing sugar, add the flour, honey and pour in the melted butter while mixing on a slow speed. Leave in the fridge for one hour to rest before cooking.

To cook - spread the mixture on some parchment paper wafer tin. Sprinkle with some of the flaked almonds and bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for eight to ten minutes until golden. They will go crisp when they cool.

To make the compote - cut stalks off the strawberries, put in a small pan with the sugar and lime juice and cook over a gentle heat until the mix looks like a jam. Whip the cream with the sugar, cut the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds out, add to the cream. Crush the amaretti buscuits, these will add a little texture to the dessert.

To assemble the dish - put some of the compote in the bottom of the glass. Fold the chantilly cream together with the strawberries. Build the dessert by spooning in some of the strawberry cream mixture, then some of the armetti biscuits, one more compote and more cream. Finish the dessert with the crispy tuilles.

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